Monday, 20 March 2017

Monster Baby by Sarah Dyer (Otter-Barry Books)

A ticklish little tale about getting a new brother or sister, told from a little monster's perspective. Here's "Monster Baby" by Sarah Dyer
Babies come in all shapes and sizes, but I'll wager you haven't seen that many with horns and sharp little teeth!

In Sarah Dyer's brilliant little "Monster Baby" book, Little Monster learns that Mummy Monster is having a baby.

She has to eat healthy (and insists that everyone else does too - hear hear!), take lots of rests and there'll be no more picking up rambunctious little monsters any more.

When they visit the hospital for a scan, Little Monster goes along too and can see the wiggly little worm that is his new brother.

Babies take a long time to arrive, but when Little Monster is no longer the littlest monster in the family, will things change for the better or worse?

Actually - Little Monster soon finds out just how much fun having a little brother can be (Well, apart from all that squealing and pooping!)

A great little book for little ones who might be welcoming a new sibling to the roost themselves.

"Monster Baby" by Sarah Dyer is out now, published by Otter-Barry Books.