Tuesday 21 March 2017

Charlie and Mouse by Laurel Snyder and Emily Hughes (Chronicle Children's Books)

A gorgeous book that recalls idyllic childhood days of play, and makes us long for the onset of spring...
"Charlie and Mouse" by Laurel Snyder and Emily Hughes is "just that sort of book" that makes you want to crawl inside and take up residence. It also makes you want to be 6 again, waking up every morning to a world of possibilities.

Charlie wakes up early, and has real trouble rousing his brother Mouse - who really doesn't want to emerge from under the warm covers.

But when there's word of a party, both Charlie and Mouse jump up, and wake mum and dad. It's time to set off and make their way to the park as the party will begin very soon!

Yep that's a very accurate picture of us at the weekends in the background, right Mummy?
Dad offers to make some cookies for the party, and so they load up their little wagon and head off.

Collecting friends along the way, the trip is almost as much fun as the destination. But wait, is there really a party?

Big kids, little kids, kids who chew on rocks...!
A joyous celebration of the imagination of kids, and how fun it is to be around such a pair of effervescent little characters. Brilliant imaginative writing from Laurel, and of course it goes without saying that we ADORE Emily's art (she is a superstar!).

"Charlie and Mouse" by Laurel Snyder and Emily Hughes is out on the 11th April 2017, published by Chronicle Children's Books (kindly sent for review).