Tuesday 21 March 2017

A great way to improve kids handwriting with the "Write on Wipe Off Cursive Writing" cards from Flash Kids (Sterling Publishing)

Here's a neat idea from FlashKids and boy, could all of us ever use some brilliant ways of improving our handwriting!
These Cursive Writing Cards from Flash Kids are great, as there are 40 cards in all, and a neat little 'write on / wipe off' pen (with a sponge rubber on the end) so that you can practice your swirling curvaceous handwriting with ease.

The cards come in a handy presentation box, so they're also great for 'on the go' if you want to keep the kids entertained in the car or on the train or bus or plane.

"Joined up" writing (as Charlotte calls it) is something they're just beginning to learn in school. I was always hopeless at it, and I remember those painfully annoying writing sheets we were given to follow. These are far better as you can practice again and again.

"Cursive Writing Cards" from Flash Kids / Sterling are out now (kindly supplied for review)