Monday 20 March 2017

Two sizzling new books work some serious magic on your eyeballs. It's time for "Pyjamarama!" (Thames and Hudson)

Two new additions to the fabulous Pyjamarama range have arrived. Get ready to see the world through Pyjama-vision!
We love optical illusions, and in fact we love any clever science that tricks your eyes into believing something magical is happening.

The "Pyjamarama" books by Michael LeBlond and Frederique Bertrand use a clever piece of stripy acetate to make magic happen.


By gently sliding the acetate across the various pages inside these books, the images magically move and pulsate, flash and animate.

It's quite a stunning effect to see!

The more gentle you are with the sheet, the more pronounced the effect so join a little boy in his stripy pyjamas on a fantastic night-time adventure, with crazy shapes in "Fever" and all the fun of the fair in "Funfair"!

Charlotte really love the latter title as the boy enjoys a fun-packed evening at the fair, spinning, twirling, watching machinery chug and pump and whizzing along a hectic roller coaster ride.

Both books are presented with one of the acetate sheets (made of sturdy plastic which you can tuck inside the cover and make the cover move too).

It's such an innovative and brilliant idea. Check out the other books in the Pyjamarama range as there are quite a few over at the Thames and Hudson website.

Charlotte's best bit: Enjoying all the fun of the fair from the comfort of her own armchair.

Daddy's favourite bit: A brilliant sizzler of an idea, put to brilliant use in an engaging pair of new books. Clever stuff!

(Kindly sent for review by Thames and Hudson)

"Pyjamarama: Fever" and "Pyjamarama: Funfair" by Michael LeBlond and Frederique Betrand are out on 6th April 2017, published by Thames and Hudson.