Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Whoops! But it wasn't me!

Charlie and Lola are two of Cbeebies' best loved characters and it's easy to see why children readily identify with this brother and sister duo. 

"Whoops! But it wasn't me" tells the story of Charlie's new rocket model. He's spent days making it, he's used three cereal boxes and 127 sweet wrapper. It's very fragile! But can Lola resist playing with it when Charlie's not looking? 

A sweet little book and made all the better by the appearance of the legendary Soren Lorensen (who is pretty much the REAL star of Charlie and Lola - Lola's imaginary friend that only she can see). 

Sometimes though, you've got to wonder how many hours she's going to spend in therapy in later life... :)

Charlotte's best bit - Little Unhappy Elephant

Daddy's favourite bit - The fact that Soren Lorenson is like the little red devil sitting on Lola's shoulder, urging her to do bad things. 

Rating - 4 out of 5 stars