Monday, 13 February 2012

Baby Pie

Three hungry, warty and extremely clumsy trolls go searching for the key ingredient of Baby Pie in this hilarious (if a little gruesome) book. We loved the way the book builds the anticipation as the trolls stealthily (and not-so-stealthily) make their way towards the wonderful (!) aroma of a fresh baby, all plump and ready to be covered in pastry.

It's a clever twist on a favourite theme of children's books - things not appearing quite as they seem (and if you're a regular ReadItDaddy reader, you'll have seen the central theme of this book quite a few times before in other things we've covered).

Nevertheless, Nick Ward's great depictions of the nasty smelly little trolls are brilliant, and Tom MacRae's rhyming repetition throughout the book help it bounce along beautifully.

Charlotte's best bit - What happens when the trolls finally reach their goal

Daddy's favourite bit - "Can I whiff it? Can I sniff it?"

Rating - 3 out of 5 stars