Thursday, 8 March 2012

Mike the Knight Adventures - Meet Mike!

Mike the Knight is a new CBeebies TV series currently airing and becoming extremely popular in a relatively short space of time. Simon and Schuster recently contacted us to let us take a look at their upcoming range of official Mike the Knight books and the first of these is "Meet Mike!", a book that offers background details on Mike himself, the land of Glendragon, and all the wonderful characters that live there.

Mike's catchphrase "Be a Knight, do it right!" is rapidly becoming something you'll hear kids uttering as they gallop around the playground pretending to be Mike or his magical sister Evie.

"Meet Mike" is a great introduction to the series if you haven't already encountered it on TV. Mike is a galant little fellow, looking after his kingdom while his father is away on various quests. Mike uses his useful "Knight in Training" handbook to get him out of all sorts of sticky situations and with his trusty steed Galahad, and his two best friends Sparkie and Squirt, a pair of lovable dragons, he's always on the lookout for adventure.

The Simon and Schuster book series officially launches on March 29th 2012, with further books in the range to follow later in July including more paperback titles ("Mike the Knight and the Mighty Shield" and "Mike the Knight and the Scary Dragons") as well as a sticker book and fun noise book too.

The paperbacks are a little on the expensive side (£5.99 rrp) but are glossy and nicely presented with plenty of pages and content to keep young Mike fans happy. The main suggestion my daughter made was that there really needs to be a book purely dedicated to or focussing on Evie, Mike's magical sister. Hear hear!

Charlotte's best bit - A couple of pages explaining how Evie's spells don't always go according to plan

Daddy's favourite bit - Having to explain about "Favours" and what they are (I'm wondering if any bright spark out there is thinking of marketing a Mike the Knight reward sticker chart with 'Favour-shaped' stickerss as rewards!)

Rating - 4 out of 5 stars. 

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