Monday, 5 November 2012

"No!" by Marta Altes (Child's Play International Ltd)

We've got a veritable cornucopia of wonderful Child's Play books to share with you this week but we're going to break things in gently with this fabulous and fun story of a little dog wait a second, there seems to be some confusion here.

The dog's name? Well the dog thinks it's "No!" because every time he tries to do things to please his 'humans', they say his name.

When he digs up the garden, they shout "No!"

When he rather thoughtfully warms up their beds for them (after digging up the garden) they scream "No!"

When he tries their dinners for them just to make sure they're OK, they bellow "NO!!!!"

So what's a poor little dog to do? Marta Altes' book is such fun and whether you're a dog owner or not (or certainly, whether you've seriously considered renaming your children "No") you'll love this book. Great bold doggy illustrations and text that's a boon for early readers beginning their sounding out and phonics, there's a neat and satisfying twist in the tale (or should that be 'tail') at the end.

Charlotte's best bit: When the dog snaffles people's dinners sneakily.

Daddy's favourite bit: The great little doggy characterisations on the inside front and back covers (which Charlotte also loved because - well - there's a couple of things there that dogs do a lot of that children find eminently hilarious. You'll see what we mean!)

(Kindly sent to us by Child's Play International Ltd for review)