Monday, 3 December 2012

Dog loves Drawing by Louise Yates (Red Fox Picture Books)

Charlotte loves drawing. No that's not the name of a book, it's a simple statement. She loves drawing so much that I have ended up buying an electric pencil sharpener just to keep up with the amount of pencils she can get through in a single sitting!

So when we received "Dog Loves Drawing", the sequel to Louise Yates' wonderful "Dog Loves Books" we couldn't wait to see Dog drawing up a storm.

Dog loves books very much, so much so that he opened his own bookshop but when Dog's lovely Aunt Dora sends him a blank book one day, Dog is puzzled!

But not for long. Dog soon realises its time to get out his pencils and draw a story of his own.

Dog draws a magic door, and escapes into his sketchbook. He also draws a stick man, and soon the stick man helps Dog draw a fascinating cast of characters ready to set off on a fantastical journey of discovery and derring-do.

With brilliant child-friendly illustrations (and some utterly fantastic dog-like behaviour from our hero) Louise Yates instils in children the same sense of wonder she did with her first 'dog' book. Charlotte loved the idea of drawing up her own story once we'd finished reading this (so that's exactly what we did!) and she thought dog was extremely cute (he is too!)

Brilliant inspiring stuff, crack out your crayons, pick up your pencils, pull out some paint and join dog in some crazy creationism! But watch out for...(Wait! No spoilers! No spoilers :)

Charlotte's best bit: She laughed out loud at the bit where the characters are all fighting over who gets to drive the train (dog's expression is perfect!)

Daddy's favourite bit: A sublime homage to scribbling, doodling, drawing and colouring - our most favourite thing in the world (other than books, of course!)

(Kindly sent to us for review by Red Fox Picture Books)