Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Frog Prince (iFairyTale) from Blue Ocean Studios (Version tested: iPad)

The Frog Prince

iFairy Tales

Version Tested: iPad

Published by Blue Ocean Studios

We're always on the lookout for a new wrinkle when it comes to classic fairy tales. Blue Ocean Studios have begun producing some high quality "i-Fairytales" starting with the Brothers Grimm classic story "The Frog Prince".

The story begins as a young princess is playing with her favourite golden ball in the garden. The ball is lost in a pond, and the princess pines for it - until she strikes a deal with a slimy pond-dwelling frog to retrieve her beloved toy, in exchange for allowing him to share her table - and sleep on her bed! Eeek!

The frog follows the princess's wishes, returns her ball but she rather rudely runs off, leaving the frog far behind.

Frogs are tenacious little critters though, and it's not long before there's a loud knock at the castle gates as the princess is enjoying her dinner. It's none other than the frog who expects the princess to make good on her deal, and at her father's behest, she has no choice but to give the croaking (and rather annoying) house guest house room.

In this retelling (with us trying out the story on the iPad version), each scene is animated and children have the opportunity to have the story read to them - or they can read it aloud themselves.

Animated scenes are of a high quality, and there's a song at the end that Charlotte demanded on a loop - setting the scene for more i-Fairy tales to come.

You can find the app on the iTunes Store via this link, priced at £1.99:


Charlotte's best bit: The Fairy Song at the end of the app, and the Princess's rather beautiful blue dresses

Daddy's Favourite bit: Easy to navigate, high production values, overall a very slick version of a well loved children's classic

(Kindly sent to us for review by Katy at Quad Digital)

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