Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

A massive Happy 2013 to all our readers. We've been away but we've been busy with books in our absence so there's plenty of new and exciting stuff coming up. Over Christmas, Charlotte definitely benefitted from the "Stuff a Stocking with Books" theme thanks to some top work from Santa and his book-producing elves so look out for them in reviews really soon. 

Gear yourself up for Thursday when some major new releases hit the children's picture book shelves including our last Book of the Week of 2012, the superb "No-bot, the Robot with No Bottom" by Sue Hendra. It's a butt-clanking piece of mechanical brilliance so don't miss it!

We're dragging ourselves back to work this week so if you're joining us, all the best and see you soon

Phil, Ali and Charlotte @ ReadItDaddy

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