Thursday, 14 February 2013

International Book Giving Day 2013

So, International Book Giving Day is GO and there's some truly inspirational book giveaways going on. We decided we'd do our bit slightly later than today as it neatly coincides with Charlotte's birthday coming up very soon.

On that note we thought that we'd do away with the usual plastic frippery associated with the kids' party bags and give them all a book instead!

We searched high and low for some reasonably priced books that weren't too rubbish, and fitted in with the theme of the planned party (which is all about nature and the great outdoors).

We found this - Hopping Mad by Michael Catchpool and David Roberts, a great little book exploring nature (and in particular squishy frogs, yay!) 12 of these will be going out to the partygoers in their party bags (probably with some sweeties and choc too). Can't wait to see how these are received, just hope the kids attending are as dotty about books as we are!