Thursday, 14 March 2013

Easter is coming! Can you handle a deluge of Comic-y Goodness, Phoenix Stylee?

The Phoenix Non-Choccy Easter Comic Pack. Tons of excitement in something that fits through your letterbox!
I love the effect The Phoenix Comic has on Charlotte and the continued effect that being sent one of these fantastic packs by the lovely folk at The Phoenix is having. You see Fridays are no longer "Daddy Picks Me Up From School" day, they're "The Phoenix Comic! YAY!" as our 5 lovely issues of the mag plop through the letterbox, clad in their deliciously decorated special envelopes.

Yes folks, for the bargain price of £14.99 you too can get yourself a slice of the action, it's simpler than falling off a chocolate log.

1) Order one of the packs from the Phoenix Comic website 

2) When it plops through your letterbox, pin the badges to your lapel, strut around the house like a thing possessed, stick the stickers on things (not on Mummy and Daddy's lovely wooden floor though!) and read the fantastic mini comic included (great if you're one of the increasingly rare people who has not experienced The Phoenix's raw excitement before!)

3) Fill out the special mail card inside and pop it in the post. As soon as it's processed, you will receive 5 (yes 5!) issues of the comic through your door every Friday.

We have been enjoying the stories, particularly Pirates of Pangea (Charlotte's favourite, she is demanding a Sophie costume so we're not quite sure how we're going to manage this!) and Star Cat.

It's a fantastic pack, lasts much much longer than a rubbishy chocolate easter egg (and it fits through the letterbox far more easily). Go grab yours now!

Charlotte's best bit: The excitement of knowing that each issue plops through the letterbox on Friday, no muss no fuss.

Daddy's favourite bit: Far better for my ever-expanding waistline than polishing off Charlotte's easter choc surplus when she's not looking (she can't read this yet, nyaa nyaaa!)