Friday 19 April 2013

The Witch's Assistant by Patrick Coombes (New Generation Publishing)

Here's a rather charming little book featuring a slightly inept (but ultimately heroic) little bat who is The Witch's Assistant.

Franklin the Bat helps out around Templeton Towers, a creaky towering building protected by a fire breathing dragon, and home to several witches - including Franklin's best friend Dot.

Dot is concocting a very important spell one day when Franklin, ever helpful but very clumsy, makes a huge mess of carrying ingredients to and fro. The other witches are not pleased at all, and poor Franklin hangs his head in shame as Dot tries to clear up the unholy mess!

But Franklin has a special skill, the most highly tuned hearing in Templeton Towers - so when a mysterious creak and clunk are heard one evening, he decides to investigate!

We won't tell you what happens next, but this is a brilliant story of how Franklin turns things around and becomes the hero of the day. Great illustrations in conjunction with engaging and unique characters put this book a notch above most independently published titles.

If you're after a book for younger readers with plenty of substance and great cross-gender appeal then you should definitely check out Franklin's antics!

Charlotte's best bit: Charlotte thought Dot was by far the prettiest witch she'd ever seen. Awww!

Daddy's favourite bit: A good bottom roasting, well deserved!

(Kindly sent to us for review by New Generation Publishing)