Monday, 20 May 2013

Lulama's Magic Blanket by Mari Grobler (Tafelberg Publishers Ltd)

Fitting neatly in with this week's #ReadItMD13 theme celebrating diverse and inclusive children's books, here's a brilliant, colourful and imaginative story of a little African girl and her favourite blanket.

Aha, but it's not just a blanket. As any child knows (usually just after you've spent a fortune on plastic tat at Christmas), even a simple blanket can become the basis of lots of different games and activities.

Lulama's blanket is special. Made by her mother from lots of scraps of material - each with its own different story, the blanket can become the gorgeous and colourful wings of a butterfly - or perhaps a church, a school or a hotel when draped over a handy branch.

Lulama loves her blanket and her mother tells her a story about each of the colours and the number of squares in the patchwork. Blue of the sky, the deep yellow of the sun, the brown of a prancing pony.

Through deliciously descriptive text and beautifully painted illustrations, Mari Grobler's book weaves a colourful tapestry that's a pleasure to tell and retell.

Charlotte's best bit: Lulama's beautiful butterfly wings and Lulama pretending to be a tortoise!

Daddy's favourite bit: Beautiful descriptions in the book and a great way of seeing different objects and weaving great stories around them. Utterly lovely!