Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Shopping with Dad by Matt Harvey and Miriam Latimer (Barefoot Books)

Sunday morning is shopping day at ReadItDaddy towers. For parents with youngsters in tow it can be a trial trawling around the supermarket, trying to find new and exciting things to eat for the week. But secretly I still like to try and turn it into a fun activity. Trolleys are great for skidding down the aisles with, and throwing random things in when @TheStrollingMum isn't looking (and trying to get away with it) can also be fun.

I am, for want of a better word, a shopping dad!

So it's great to be able to dip into a book all about a fun-loving shopping dad - courtesy of Barefoot Books. A rhyming story that starts with a bizarre shopping list, and finishes with a calamitous crashing of cans.

Like most Barefoot books, "Shopping with Dad" by Matt Harvey and Miriam Latimer is not only beautiful to look at, and great fun to read, there's actually a nice little moral tale tucked between the pages. A little girl learns that telling the truth and making sure that you take the blame if you're done something wrong is always for the best.

It's a whacky story really nicely drawn and written (I rather liked the 'stay at home' mum drawing the final panel as the final panel unfolded around her) so if you feel burned out with the weekly trip to the supermarket, make shopping fun with "Shopping with Dad!"

Buy "Shopping with Dad" from Barefoot Books!

Charlotte's best bit: Mum's crazy shopping list

Daddy's favourite bit: Loved that final panel

(Kindly sent to us for review by Hilary at Barefoot Books)