Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Send for a Superhero by Michael Rosen and Katharine McEwen (Walker Books)

Send for a Superhero

Written by Michael Rosen

Illustrated by Katharine McEwen
Published by Walker Books

It's crazy, it's whacky, it's also one of those rare things - a book that features a Dad who's not a complete dunce, glutton or wet-end! Hooray! In "Send for a Superhero" a dad is reading his children's favourite bed time story. It's a fast-paced exciting comic story about giant invading monsters who will not stop until they've polluted the earth or vacuumed up all the riches (no knowing nods to Rosen's political leanings there, nosiree!!)

We loved the way the book dances between the warm fuzzy glow of dad reading to Emily and Elmer, and the story of young Brad 40 - a schoolboy superhero who reacts quickly once Filth and Vacuum (the story's horrid monster baddies) roll into action. Summoning superheroes from all over the world, can the monsters be brought to justice?

The book deftly celebrates things we hold dear. Reading to your children before tucking them up for the night, and plenty of nods to exciting action-based comic goodness, we'll be reading and re-reading this one.

Charlotte's best bit: Oh no, it's Incredibly Boring Man! ZZZZZZZZZ

Daddy's Favourite bit: Fab dad reading to his kids, fab comic book nods, full of excitement and wonderful art. Don't miss this one!

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