Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Artcards - Fashion by Hennie Haworth (Big Picture Press)

Artcards - Fashion

Written and Illustrated by
Hennie Haworth

Published by Big Picture Press

Big Picture Press have built up a hugely impressive library of titles in a relatively short space of time. We were privileged enough to take a look at the Big Picture Press range just before many of the books launched, to huge critical acclaim.

Back then we took a look at a mock-up of Hennie Haworth's first title for BPP, "Accessorize" - a hugely impressive book absolutely crammed to the gills with fabulous illustrations, stickers and ideas for crafting and designs.

Hennie is back with another more focused fashion-based title. "Artcards - Fashion" is again a hugely impressive book full of stickers, art cards, design sheets, templates and a metric ton of ideas for your fashion-obsessed tiddlers (in fact it's a really good title for a huge range of ages - even the very young can find lots to enjoy here!)

There are over 600 stickers which can be used in the book or on separate cards, or even your own designs. Hennie's illustrative touch and eye for design comes to the fore, and it's been a very inspirational book for Charlotte - who loves to create her own designs both on paper and mixing / matching outfits at home.

"Artcards - Fashion" is released in August, from Big Picture Press

Charlotte's best bit: So many things to do, stickers to use and ideas to play around with that she barely knew what to tackle first. This is a weighty tome that will keep your budding fashionistas busy for ages! Perfect for the long summer hols!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Like all Big Picture Press releases, this book positively exudes quality from every page. A brilliant way to get your youngsters designing their own cool outfits and fashion wows.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Big Picture Press)