Friday, 25 July 2014

ReadItDaddy's Book of the Week - Week Ending 25th July 2014 - "Mr Tweed's Good Deeds" by Jim Stoten (Flying Eye Books)

Mr Tweed's Good Deeds

Written and Illustrated by
Jim Stoten

Published by Flying Eye Books

Once again, Flying Eye Books hit our "Book of the Week" slot with an utterly charming and peerless book that combines a whimsical story, cool counting and hidden object fun.

Jim Stoten's "Mr Tweed's Good Deeds" is fantastic, and instantly caught Charlotte's eye because of its colourful and detailed artwork and caught my eye because it reminded me heavily of the sort of books I utterly loved as a kid. Whether intentional or not, Jim Stoten's artwork feels wonderfully trippy and retro and it's not difficult to see why this ended up on Flying Eye's bookshelf, it really does 'belong'.

Mr Tweed sets out on an afternoon's stroll, and along the way he meets his many friends - each of whom has lost an object. As the story unfolds, each snippet of text sets out a counting challenge for youngsters, and then a hidden object spread (hugely detailed panels) to find something that one of Mr Tweeds' friends has lost.

We fell completely in love with this book as you can probably tell, and the beauty of it is that parents and children can interact with each other and the book on so many levels. Setting each other challenges of things to find once the main objects have been located, and of course counting along with this lyrical tale.

Sincerely hope that we see more of Mr Tweed's good deeds and of Jim Stoten's wonderful work!

Charlotte's best bit: Laughing because Daddy couldn't find the two moggies (I am so rubbish at hidden object books!)

Daddy's Favourite bit: A charming retro feel, but a book bang up to date in its appeal. Absolutely fantastic!