Thursday, 8 January 2015

"Stormy Night" by Salina Yoon (Bloomsbury Publishing)

Stormy Night

Written and Illustrated by
Salina Yoon

Published by Bloomsbury Publishing

We love Salina Yoon's stories, full of beautiful little observations and wonderful emotions. We've previously encountered the little bear in this story in Salina's "Found". He's back (with his cuddly little rabbit friend in tow) for a tale that may be all too familiar to parents - what happens when the dark night closes in and your little one just can't settle?

Bear lies awake listening to the howling wind, the beating rain - and no amount of cuddles from his bunny pal are going to settle him at all. So it's up to mum and dad (and floppy the bunny) to point out that storms aren't really as scary as they seem.

Once again it's beautifully observed and told, with those gorgeous illustrations common to Salina's other wonderful books. It's the perfect book for the really windy nights we've had recently, settling your little one down to a (hopefully) blissful and dreamy sleep.

"Stormy Night" by Salina Yoon is released on 15th January 2015 from Bloomsbury Publishing.

Charlotte's best bit: She loved the fact that the story flips things on its head a little, and it's actually mum and dad who want to snuggle up from the storm rather than little bear

Daddy's Favourite bit: Wonderfully told and illustrated, just the thing for those restless nights where the weather beats at your windows and doors!

(Kindly sent for review by Bloomsbury Publishing)

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