Thursday 20 August 2015

Apple Pigs by Ruth Gary Orbach (National Trust / Pavilion Books)

Did you know that National Apple Day is coming up very soon? Celebrate a fruitful bounty with this timeless classic, reprinted for a whole new generation of apple scoffers to enjoy...
Ruth Gary Orbach's "Apple Pigs" is a veritable classic, and I can distinctly remember the school library's copy being very well loved (ie nearly falling apart because so many kids had borrowed and read it (does anyone remember the awesome Picture Lions symbol? That happy looking lion sitting in the top left hand corner of each book cover? They were the original publishers of this wonderful book).

Now reprinted by National Trust / Pavilion Books, "Apple Pigs" is destined to win over the hearts and minds (and tummies) of a whole new generation of apple lovers.

In the story, a little girl tends and cares for a withered old apple tree that lies neglected in the corner of the garden. Soon, thanks to her loving care the family have a wonderful apple tree in that is laden with fruit. At first they harvest the apples, and try to store them - but there are just so many! They eat apples for every meal, and apples end up in boxes, in drawers, even rolled up in the rugs! What on earth can they possibly do with this amazing harvest?

Does anyone fancy a giant apple-ey carpet swiss roll?
The young girl comes up with a fantastic plan. Rather than trying to store all the apples, they'll hold an annual apple day. Come one, come all, and enjoy this amazing apple feast!

Soon people are coming from far and wide, and animals are trotting along too - all to enjoy the crisp crunch of a gorgeous apple. With every last scrap eaten, it won't be long before spring arrives and the first buds of apple blossom appear, so the cycle can begin all over again.

From humble beginnings grow the most amazing things, with a little tender love and care

I'd forgotten how beautiful this story is, and how perfect the rhymes are (and as we've said many times on the blog, we both can't get enough of those groovy 70s childrens books with that particular style of artwork that is wonderfully reminiscent of my own childhood).

So good to see this one revived (and hooray for all the publishers who are ensuring that classic books like this get back into print, and more importantly into the hands of this generation's children!)

Charlotte's favourite bit: Making apple pigs (quite tricky but full instructions are provided in the book!)

Daddy's favourite bit: A wonderful nostalgic trip down memory lane, Apple Pigs is still an utterly timeless delight.

(Kindly sent to us for review by National Trust / Pavilion Books)

"Apple Pigs"

Written and Illustrated by Ruth Gary Orbach

Published by National Trust / Pavilion Books

Release Date: 6th August 2015