Thursday, 17 September 2015

Max at Night by Ed Vere (Picture Puffin)

Following on from Ed's fantastic "Max the Brave", Max is back and settling down before a good night's sleep - but wait, something's wrong...
Max is the pint-sized moggy star of Ed Vere's latest book, and rather than gadding around being a superhero, Max is ready for bed.

He's drunk his milk, washed behind his ears and brushed his teeth like a good little kitty but when it comes to saying goodnight, Max notices something awry. Where oh where is the moon?

It's not in its usual place high up in the sky. Max won't settle until he's said good-night to the moon and so before snuggle time he sets out to find his lunar friend.

Max realises that if he can't see the moon, it's probably because he's knee high to a grasshopper so he needs to get up higher to spot the moon from a loftier position. Climbing the house, a nearby tree and eventually way up into the hills and mountains, Max is determined but ever so sleepy too...

Will Max ever get to say "Goodnight moon" ?

Max is such an endearing little fellow, and this is a perfect snuggle-down bedtime story for little ones who will demand it again and again every bedtime. Good night Max, sleep tight till your next adventure!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Brave Max climbing higher and higher to find his 'friend' the moon.

Daddy's favourite bit: A lovely bedtime book for little ones! Don't forget to look out of your window to see if you can spot the real moon before you snuggle down to sleep!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Picture Puffin)

"Max at Night"

Written and Illustrated by Ed Vere

Published by Picture Puffin

Release Date: 17th September 2015