Monday, September 7, 2015

Round and Round and Square by Fredun Shapur (Tate Publishing)

For a book that's a sprightly 50 years old, Fredun Shapur's groundbreaking "Round and Round and Square" feels hugely influential and timeless. Let's explore shapes with Fredun!

Sometimes we have to read press releases a number of times when we encounter a book that looks like something brand new and very much a modern title, but was actually written decades ago.

Fredun Shapur (who at the grand old age of 86 is still designing and working) deserves huge recognition for producing a number of innovative children's books in the 1950s and 1960s. In "Round and Round and Square" - first published in 1965 and now being republished by Tate - we can see the origins of colour and shape books for the very young, here worked into a fantastic story told from the circle's perspective. Circle guides us through shape and colour exploration with the aid of his best friend square, and the mischievous duo can make a whole new world of different shapes and object when working together or performing solo.

For the very young, the first books they encounter that introduce them to the concept of colours and shapes can lead to further exploration of the world around them, and of course of stories and adventures once they start to crave more complex fare.

Though Charlotte is too old to appreciate this amazing and timeless classic, it's definitely a book that we'll be passing on to Charlotte's new baby cousin who will delight in the almost animated way that each page spread depicts circle and square's antics. It's been gorgeously reproduced from the original prints, and is more than ready for a whole new generation of tiny explorers to enjoy.

Charlotte's favourite bit: Square pretending to be a circle (using lots of his friends!)

Daddy's favourite bit: A groundbreaking children's title reproduced and reprinted for a whole new audience who will absolutely love the energy of this story of shape and colour and form. Delightful!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Tate Publishing)

"Round and Round and Square"

Written and Illustrated by Fredun Shapur

Published by Tate Publishing

Release Date (Hardback): 1st September 2015

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