Monday, 21 September 2015

This Orq - He Cave Boy by David Elliott and Lori Nichols (Troika Press)

Kids love their pets no matter what, but what if your pet starts off tiny and cute - and grows into something altogether more...mammoth? Meet Orq - He Cave Boy! He Say Ugh!
An effervescent young cave boy is the star of this story, and Orq loves getting up to all sorts of mischief. But most of all he loves Woma, his woolly mammoth friend who has loved him since he was a tiny cave-toddler.

Woma was also tiny back then, but now Woma is a big huge colossal woolly monstrosity who sheds big brown clumps of hair all over the cave, pongs quite a bit and leaves large brown 'presents' everywhere. EW!

Cave-Mum is not impressed, in fact she'd rather Woma stayed outside (or disappeared entirely!)

In "This Orq, He Cave Boy" by David Elliott and Lori Nichols we find an acute observation of kids and their pets. Kids forgive their animal friends all their faults, but adults are quite a bit less forgiving (usually because we're the ones who do all the feeding, walking and cleaning when our wee ones tire of their maintenance-heavy pet friends!)

Continuing the story, Orq is quite sad that Mum doesn't like Woma - but when Orq gets into a spot of trouble with a rather nasty (and hungry) sabre toothed tiger, Woma comes to the rescue!

It's great to see this book hopping over the Atlantic and being printed over here by Troika. It's a lovely little story, and though it's a theme we've seen many times before, we loved Orq and Woma - setting the story in caveman times gives it a nice original lift!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Baby Woma - SO CUTE!

Daddy's favourite bit: Mild peril as a sabre toothed tiger eyes Orq up as a nice juicy caveboy-steak! NOM!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Troika Press)

"This Orq - He Cave Boy"

Written by David Elliott

Illustrated by Lori Nichols

Published by Troika Press

Release Date (Hardback): September 2015