Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Bear Report by Thyra Heder (Abrams Young Readers)

Writing a report on something for school? Can you think of anything worse? Well how about a book that will dazzle and inspire you instead!
Charlotte will attest to the fact that sometimes, writing a school report for homework can be a major annoyance. You've got to come up with something that describes the subject, you've got to engage with it, and bleughhhhh it's just getting in the way of playing.

But what if "The Bear Report" could completely change your mind about being inspired, and the magic that happens when you start to look into a subject and research it? That's the idea behind Thyra Heder's utterly glorious book all about one of our favourite animals, the Polar Bear.

Sophie really doesn't want to do her classroom report on polar bears. After all they're mean, they're big and they eat things - what else is there to say about them?

He's right, they're not all mean (but we don't think you should try and cuddle them!)
But when a polar bear appears in her house, it's the beginning of a fantastic journey of discovery for Sophie as the rather polite (and definitely not mean) polar bear whisks her off to his snowy home to show her the dazzling sights. At first Sophie is cynical, what's so special about a huge landscape of snowy peaks and not much else? The bear convinces Sophie that his life is pretty amazing, and there's a lot more to being a polar bear than you might think!

Our favourite page spread in the entire book, the fabulous Aurora Borealis!

Thyra's gorgeous book really is a thing of beauty, as the bear gently shows Sophie tons of things to pack into her school report (we rather like the end result, as you'll see at the very end of the book).

A truly wonderful story that might just help your children learn a little more without feeling too much like a school thing!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Sophie's whale song. OOOOWEEEEEOOOOOAAAOOOO!

Daddy's favourite bit: A wonderful and surprisingly colourful book considering the subject matter, and one that's full of glorious insights into polar bear life as well as some truly stunning scenes.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Abrams Young Readers)

"The Bear Report"

Written and Illustrated by Thyra Heder

Published by Abrams Young Readers

Publication Date: 5th November 2015