Thursday, 31 March 2016

Where do Garbage Trucks Go? (A Good Question Book) by Benjamin Richmond (Sterling Publishing)

This is an absolutely fascinating fact-filled book about something that most of us take for granted. Find out more about your rubbish in "Where do Garbage Trucks Go?"
Sterling's "Good Question!" range is a fab little non-fiction book range for inquisitive and curious kids. In "Where do Garbage Trucks Go?" Benjamin Richmond digs deep into our rubbish and recycling to find out what happens to the things we throw away.

With a dizzying array of figures (mostly US-Centric but still a book that works for UK readers too) children will find out why rubbish can be dangerous, what we're doing to re-use and recycle some of our trash and what happens to all the other stuff that can't be salvaged or put to better use.

The book features tons of interesting photographs and diagrams to illustrate each part of the refuse and recycling process. As with other books in the "Good Question" range, it's a fascinating title that's good for quite a broad age range too, as children become more interested in green issues, and the contributions they can make to cutting down on what we throw away.

Fab book!

Charlotte's favourite bit: A "Before" and "After" photo of New York streets before the Sanitation Acts were passed.

Daddy's favourite bit: A fantastic fact-filled book about our rubbish and recycling.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Sterling Publishing)

"Where do Garbage Trucks Go?"

Written and illustrated by Benjamin Richmond

Published by Sterling Publishing

Publication Date: 7th March 2016