Thursday, May 5, 2016

Monster Park by Annie Bach (Sterling Publishing)

Sterling Publishing's reputation for publishing truly beautiful books continues. Here's the follow up to the awesome "Monster Party!" from Annie Bach...
"Monster Park" sees those crazy and colourful monsters visiting their local play park.

As you'd expect when a group of monsters get together, there are mayhaps and mayhem a-plenty.

Just like real life, there are also monster tantrums when it comes to home time (oh boy, do we ever know about these - even with an 8 year old in tow you do still get some spectacular meltdowns when it's time to go home).

But all little monsters know that the park isn't going to go away and they can come back another day.

Lovely rhymes, fabulous monster designs and beautiful fuzzy artwork, Annie is a very talented lady indeed!

"Monster Park!" is out now from Sterling Publishing.

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