Monday 20 June 2016

A guest post from Gimme Books, a brand new subscription box for awesome picture book fun launching today!

Gimme Books is a brand new subscription box, delivering quality children's picture books to your doorstep every month.

We're proud to announce the launch of our website is this week!

What is a Gimme Books box?

Good question. Every month there is a new theme to the box. You'll receive three books, two are picture books and the third is an activity book. These books are lovingly wrapped by us in colourful gift wrap and placed in our bright blue box, ready for delivery. You'll also receive a sheet containing information about the books we've picked and some useful tips on how to get the best experience from the books.

You can order a box at and select a plan which suits you best. You can go from month to month or save money by using a prepay plan.

For every three months you subscribe, we will donate a picture book to Book Aid International.

What is Book Aid International?

They are doing amazing work in getting new and used picture books to children in Africa. We think it's vital that children have access to books and wanted to be a part of it.

For every three months you subscribe, we will donate a brand new picture book to Book Aid International. We're hoping to have a massive pile to ship very soon!

Where did the idea for Gimme Books come from?

Having enjoyed a couple of subscription boxes in the past, we felt the excitement of not knowing what you'll get every month, would translate easily to picture books.

We've also been in the situation of staring at the large number of picture books available at a bookstore, and not knowing which one to pick for our child.

And then it clicked; we should do a picture book subscription box! It's an excellent way to gift the joy of reading!

We carefully curate our themed boxes so you're guaranteed quality picture books below the retail price. Our boxes are suitable for children new to picture books and for little bookworms. Rarely will we use classics or bestsellers: we wouldn't want you to get any duplicates!

Why are you doing this?

It's as simple as this: if you read to your child at an early age, they'll enjoy books for life!

Picture books are amazing. They're visually stunning and cover a wide range of subjects. They're a fantastic way to share precious quality time with your child and to get them to discuss topics at a very accessible level.

We want children to get excited about books, and what better way than with a surprise box every month!

The Gimme Books website launches today, Monday 20th June. Head over to § and use the code 'READITDADDY' to receive 10% off your first box!