Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Open Up, Please! (A Minibombo Book) by Silvia Borando and Lorenzo Clerici (Walker Books)

Stimulating curiosity while imparting a nice moral message, here's "Open Up, Please!" by Silvia Borando and Lorenzo Clerici
I find Charlotte's love of 'lift the flap' books disarmingly charming.

Even though she's 8, she is hopelessly addicted to them and whenever a new book featuring lift the flap elements arrives (regardless of the age range it's targeting - and we'd love to shout out that there need to be more middle grade lift the flap books!) she leaps on it with a gleeful whoop!

So it was with "Open Up, Please" which is a new book in Walker Books' hugely attractive and gorgeously designed Minibombo range.

"Open Up, Please" invites little ones to free all the little creatures and birds that live in cages inside the book. As children read through the pages, they can open the flaps and 'free' each one in turn, hopefully absorbing the book's intended message too.

We loved the final pay-off (which we won't spoil for you) which takes the idea to a rather neat little conclusion.

Nicely keeping the word count to a minimum for the tiniest of tinies, but satisfying their curiosity with some really fun little 'reveals', it's a fantastic little winner of a book!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Walker Books)