Thursday, 16 June 2016

A fab "Dad Book" roundup ahead of Fathers Day, 19th June 2016

Welcome to our picture book roundup with a batch of fabulous dad-centric picture books.

Dads often get a raw deal in books, it's quite often annoying (as a Dad) to see dads used as the comedy foil, the greedy guts, the "thicko" who always gets things wrong so this time we're on the lookout for books that ditch that rubbish old cliche and show dads like us, dads who get involved and parent, dads who are hilarious and funny without being stupid, and dads who rock!!

So let's kick off with "School for Dads" by Adam and Charlotte Guillain with illustrations by Ada Grey. A fun rhyming romp as Dads are drafted into "Dad School" - just to show that there's more to them than staring at their phones or watching the footie.

A wonderful and energetic book (and let's face it, just about every dad out there will confirm that being a dad means there's never a dull moment), "School for Dads" is out now from Egmont Publishing.

Another cool dad book, this one for younger readers...

"The Best Bit of Daddy's Day" by Claire Alexander is a really heartwarming and lovely book chock full of gorgeous illustrations. Dad and Pup head their separate ways at the start of a busy day. Daddy goes off to work on a building site as a crane driver, and Bertie goes off to school.

Bertie wants to drive trucks and big machines just like his dad when he grows up, and he loves climbing the climbing frame at school just so he can get a glance at Dad at work. Can he spot Bertie waving?

A perfectly lovely little story for dad to read to you before bedtime.

"The Best Bit of Daddy's Day" by Claire Alexander is out now from Egmont Publishing.

A brave dad next, and a brave bear cub are out for a very exciting adventure!

In "A Brave Bear" by Sean Taylor and Emily Hughes, a big burly grizzly bear and his adorable little cub decide to go on a journey of fun and discovery through the forest.

There are trees to be climbed, fish to be caught and even when little bear grazes his knee, Dad is on hand to kiss it better. The brave little bear cub doesn't let a little bump ruin their perfect day together, and they cuddle up for a well earned nap at the end of their day.

A really touching little book, beautifully written and observed with stunning illustrations from Emily Hughes.

"A Brave Bear" is out now from Walker Books.

One final one for our roundup, and we're sticking with bears for the moment...

"Amazing Daddy" by Rachel Bright features a lovely plump panda and his little cub, and is a riotous celebration of all the things that make dads great to be around, completely crazy and always full of energy.

The big bold illustrations are perfect for younger readers, and the easy flowing rhymes are awesome fun to read aloud.

"Amazing Daddy" is out now from Hodder Children's Books.

Whatever you and your daddy do on Father's Day, have loads of fun and work some brilliant books in there somewhere. You know we will be!