Thursday, 16 June 2016

Mr Moon Wakes Up by Jemima Sharpe (Child's Play)

Child's Play have a fantastic reputation for publishing gloriously original books that draw you in and make you wish you could 'live' in that bookworld...
"Mr Moon Wakes Up" is no exception. The story of a child who imagines what it would be like if Mr Moon came out in the daytime, and could whisk you off on a fab adventure.

Mr Moon is a magical beast, and soon he's exploring the world in a whole new way with his little friend in tow. The two are inseparable - but as night draws in, Mr Moon must once again take to the skies to resume his normal nocturnal duties.

Have you ever stared up at 'the man in the moon' and wondered what he gets up to up there? Wonder no more, this is gloriously dream-like and imaginative stuff with beautiful dreamy illustrations too. Wonderful!

Charlotte's best bit: Mr Moon weaving his way through the wallpaper tangle of vines and branches

Daddy's favourite bit: Engaging characters, and a story full of wonder and imagination that's absolutely sure to be a wow for children everywhere.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Child's Play)

"Mr Moon Wakes Up"

Written and Illustrated by Jemima Sharpe

Published by Child's Play

Publication Date: 16th March 2016