Monday 29 August 2016

Atlas of Animal Adventures by Rachel Williams, Emily Hawkins and Lucy Letherland (Wide Eyed Editions)

You don't need us to remind you that soon you'll be heading back to school, or indeed heading off to "big school" for the first time...
Before you go though, you'll be pleased to hear that children's non-fiction books are enjoying something of a golden age at the moment, with a huge variety of scintillating titles all vying for your attention.

We loved "Atlas of Adventures" by Rachel, Emily and Lucy and it's time for a more animal-focused book as we open the gorgeous great big covers of "Atlas of Animal Adventures" and learn some fascinating facts about the animals we share the planet with, and their locales and habitats.

The book is luxuriously produced, with some truly stunning page spreads detailing various species of animals, some of which you'll recognise and some that'll be completely unfamiliar just waiting to be discovered...

Charlotte's favourite pages, all about the Hippos in Botswana
There are so many books along similar lines available at the moment but it's good to see one that actually makes the subject fun and engaging, with some brilliant (and quite funny) animal characters cropping up...

Did you know that Tigers can live in the snowy wastes of Siberia? Explore with us!
Informative text and breakout panels detailing each animal help to make each scene come alive.

Ape Escape! Orang Utans in the jungles of deep dark Borneo
A truly stunning book full of animal wonders from right across the world, "Atlas of Animal Adventures" by Rachel Williams, Emily Hawkins and Lucy Letherland is published on 1st September 2016 by Wide Eyed Editions.