Tuesday 30 August 2016

Snail Mail by Sharon King-Chai (Hodder Children's Books)

Here's a great idea to get your little ones enthused about the art of letter writing. Dig into the postbag with "Snail Mail" by Sharon King-Chai...
You would think the art of letter writing was well and truly dead. Texting, email, instant messages and Twitter - there are so many more immediate ways to communicate with your fellow beings (or molluscs) but here's a book that celebrates the satisfaction and joy of receiving items in the mail.

We're well versed in how pleasurable it is to receive letters and correspondence of course, we get a lot of lovely stuff from wonderful folk who send us things for the blog so to Charlotte, letters have always been an important part of her life.

So having a picture book that has a neat idea at its heart - lots of pull-out postcards that compliment the story of Sam the Seashell Snail. Sam is a bit too young to go jetting around the world on the ocean's currents with his big brother Tiger Snail, so Tiger comes up with a plan. Everywhere he finds himself, he'll write young Sam a postcard to tell him all about his adventures!

The last item of correspondence is an extra special one - a very special birthday treat that's sure to inspire Sam to go off on his own adventures as soon as he's able to.

It's a really great idea to coax kids away from the screens and towards something that might indeed be a completely lost art to them, but once you start writing letters, it's very difficult to stop - it can be very addictive indeed. Just like this lovely little seafaring tale!

Under the sea it's a fantastic dance-off!

Charlotte's best bit: Sam's amazing birthday surprise (which we won't spoil for you) - A very special surprise indeed!

Daddy's favourite bit: A wonderful little book celebrating the lost art of letter and postcard writing. Sam is sure to win an army of fans

(Kindly sent to us for review by Hodder Children's Books)

"Snail Mail"

Written and Illustrated by Sharon King-Chai

Published by Hodder Children's Books

Publication Date: 8th September 2016