Monday, August 1, 2016

Here Comes Mr Postmouse by Marianne Dubuc (Book Island)

He may be small but he has a huge heart, and a huge responsibility too! Let's join the mail route because "Here Comes Mr Postmouse!"
Marianne Dubuc's fanciful books are now thankfully being translated into English, and Book Island are publishing them. In "Here Comes Mr Postmouse" we join a plucky little postman who loads up his trolley full of letters and parcels every morning before setting out on his route.

We're lucky enough to join him as Mr Postmouse visits all the animals and creatures along the way.

The sheer delight in delving into a book filled with gorgeous little visual jokes and details really is what makes this something special. We giggled as Mr Postmouse breathed a sigh of relief as he had no post for Mr Snake (who seems to have had a busy day or two scoffing all sorts of weird things, still trapped in his snakey tummy).

Youngsters will delight in reading and re-reading this travelling tale, and following Mr Postmouse on his route, right back to his own home and a very special parcel for a very special someone.

Brilliant stuff!

Charlotte's best bit: Mr Snake and the shapes in his tummy

Daddy's favourite bit: Adore all the details in this, particularly the contents of Mr Wolf's house!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Book Island)

"Here Comes Mr Postmouse"

Written and Illustrated by Marianne Dubuc

Published by Book Island

Publication Date: June 2016