Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Motor Miles by John Burningham (Jonathan Cape PB)

Would you let a cheeky dog drive your car? Meet "Motor Miles" - a very special and talented pooch with his paw to the pedal of his very own car!
John Burningham's books are renowned for original (and sometimes quite crazy) setups, that unfold into the most brilliantly entertaining stories.

"Motor Miles" tells the story of quite ordinary and everyday dog Miles. He's a little bit scruffy, quite small, often quite yappy but definitely NOT special.

But one day Miles is given his very own motor car. A fabulously fast soft-top red-painted brum brum that transforms this rather ordinary dog into a demon driver, with an intense love of the open road. Miles quite literally drives for miles, along with his owner and their adventures see them travel far and wide.

But does Miles ever miss the ordinary life before?

Children will love this story, it's a complete giggle and parents will love the fact that it feels like the sort of book that's been around forever. It just has that delicious "Classic" feel that we've come to expect from John.

"Motor Miles" by John Burningham is out now, published by Jonathan Cape PB (Kindly supplied for review)