Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Happy Hooves: Yuk! By Anna Bogie and Rebecca Elliott (Fat Fox Books)

We're back on the farm with a clippety-clop for our latest adventure with the super animal friends and the third in the "Happy Hooves" series by Anna Bogie and Rebecca Elliott.

"Happy Hooves: Yuk" could almost describe mealtimes at home, when poor Charlotte and her mum have to face one of my "oh my god we've got nothing in, I'll have to make something up from the cupboard ingredients" meals.

You see, Pig fancies himself as a bit of a chef and has invited everyone over to dinner.

But what's good for the hog, isn't so good for the gander (or the donkey, or sheep) so some of the fare being served up is distinctly grim!

How on earth can the animals break it to Pig that the party grub is a bit grubby?

It's a fun little story, once again a brilliant jaunt for very young book bugs who will love the rib-tickling antics of the animals, the message of what it means to be a good friend and of course there's a good excuse to get into the kitchen and create your own crazy meal combinations too.

Fish fingers and custard? You never know, it might catch on!

"Happy Hooves: Yuk!" by Anna Bogie and Rebecca Elliott is out now from Fat Fox Books. 

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