Monday, 10 October 2016

Prince George and the Royal Potty by Caryl Hart and Laura Ellen Anderson (Orchard Books)

There seem to be a great many books about regal Prince George and habits
In "Prince George and the Royal Potty" kids will love this light-hearted romp that will have you giggling about the Prince's potty-training antics.

From bestselling, award-winning author Caryl Hart and the creative genius behind one of our favourite Phoenix Comic strips (Evil Emperor Penguin), Laura Ellen Anderson, it's the perfect potty training book for little princes and princesses everywhere.

Prince George wants to go on adventures, but his nappy keeps getting in the way! It must be time for the prince to use the Royal Potty. But will George ever get the hang of it?

This royally funny rhyming adventure will help little ones discover that life without nappies is fun!

Look at those milk cartons. SO adorable as is that Corgi!
Funny, inventive and tongue in cheek - and of course it looks absolutely fantastic!

"Prince George and the Royal Potty" is out now, published by Orchard Books.