Wednesday 26 October 2016

The Big Book of 100 Little Activities by Laura Minter and Tia Williams (GMC Publishing)

Are you ready for some cool makes? Those lovely ladies from The Little Button Diaries are back with a bumper book of superb art, science and crafty activities so go for your gluesticks!
We do love "The Little Button Diaries" - it's our go-to site if we're stuck in on a rainy day and fancy making something cool.

Their site is so jam-packed with awesome ideas that its sometimes quite a lot of work to filter through and find just the thing you're looking for.

So we're extremely happy to see another fantastic book from Laura and Tia, this time with a ton of awesome toddler makes (that also work on busy 8 year olds too!)

In "The Big Book of 100 Little Activities" you'll find a really niftily categorised mix of makes, art projects, science experiments and abject silliness - all beautifully presented and photographed with clear step-by-step instructions so children and their adult helpers can get right on and create something fab.

Looks like me (minus the hair, of course!)

What we loved about this particular activity book is that there's a bit of an air of 'magic' about some of the ideas. You read the instructions and you think "How can that ever work?" but then when you see the results you'll be utterly delighted!

Oh we do love an experiment that ends up in a huge mess!! It's half the fun!
Kids will utterly adore this book and with 100 ideas to get cracking on, there truly is something for everyone. Just spare a moment's thought for the poor sucker that has to clean up the resulting mess (usually mum or me!)

Charlotte's best bit: Making the cool swirly PVA planets and bubbly watercolours.

Daddy's favourite bit: A fabulous book full of really quick but hugely satisfying makes, activities and experiments. Utterly perfect for a rainy day's entertainment or brilliant for early years class ideas.

(Kindly sent to us for review by GMC)

"The Big Book of 100 Little Activities"

Written and produced by Laura Minter and Tia Williams

Published by GMC Publishing. 

Publication Date: 7th October 2016