Wednesday 26 October 2016

Yoga for You: Feel Calmer, Stronger, Happier by Rebecca Rissman (QED Publishing)

Now here's a really fantastic idea for parents and children who want to have a calmer more restful life. Spend a few minutes a day in yogic bliss!
We've seen quite a few Yoga for Kids titles over the years and each has its own unique approaches to encouraging adults and their kids to take up this hugely restful and calming method of exercise, that needn't take up a huge chunk of your time.

"Yoga for You" by Rebecca Rissman ties in nicely with the idea that mindfulness, meditation and some awesome stretching exercises can help you feel much much better in a society where we're increasingly turning into couch potatoes, wrapped up in our phones or tablets or TV screens.

Rebecca's book encourages you to gently ease into a regular Yoga routine with some brilliantly simple exercises on each page, fully illustrated and explained and ranging from quite energetic stuff to more calming and slower-paced routines.

Each is designed to work in a specific way, so for example you can fit a routine in or an exercise in to de-stress after work or school, or fit in a routine that gets your heart and blood pumping.

Yoga is well recognised as a way to achieve a reasonable level of calm and stress free fitness and this book is really beautifully presented, keeping things quite simple but branching out and encouraging you to engage with more complex ideas and routines later on.

"Yoga for You" by Rebecca Rissman is out now, published by QED Publishing (Kindly supplied for review).