Wednesday 23 November 2016

Super Special Wriggly Preview - "I Can Only Draw Worms" by Will Mabbitt (Picture Puffin)

"I Just Can't DRAW!" many artists have wailed at one time or another. But even if you can't draw, can you construct a rib-tickling and hilarious children's book?
The answer is a firm "YES!" and we're lucky enough to get a super sneaky preview of Will Mabbitt's ridiculously funny new book.

Worms are not the most exciting creatures in the galaxy. Or ARE they? Will begs to differ and with the aid of a gang of wriggly slimy worms he aims to not only help you with your counting, but also to help you appreciate our annelid chums a little more.

Worm 1 is a fairly ordinary worm, Worm 2 - well he's not much more exciting. Worm 3 is a completely different colour (because Will's pink pen ran out). Worm 4? Well we don't want to spoil too much of the book for you but OH MY GOD POOR WORM 8!

Children who absolutely loved (and more importantly absolutely 'got') The Book With No Pictures will once again find "I Can Only Draw Worms" to be funny for very similar reasons. We love how Will has basically poked fun at himself, at counting books, and the picture book format.

So if you're really not sure about worms you only have to wait until January to find out whether this book is as funny as we say it is (and you really don't want to go against Charlotte's opinion on a book, trust me on that!)

"I Can Only Draw Worms" by Will Mabbitt is released on 26th January 2017, published by Picture Puffin (supplied early in BLAD format for preview)