Thursday, 24 November 2016

Daisy Darling, Let's have Lunch by Markus Majaluoma (Pikku Publishing)

We do love fun "Dad and Daughter" books and this one reminds me of the trials and tribulations of trying to get healthy green veg into Charlotte at an early age...
Sadly, I would love to tell you this gets easier when they get older but nope, it doesn't.

Anyway let's join Daisy Darling and her Dad as Dad comes up with lots of novel and interesting ways to get Daisy to eat a carrot, some broccoli or even a nice piece of mashed potato.

Daisy, being Daisy, is pretty strong minded and she has no idea why Daddy is making aeroplane noises while trying to shove a forkful of goo into her mouth.

Dad must come up with even more ingenious ways to achieve his goal, finally coming up with a deliriously brilliant Heath-Robinson-esque machine that rolls nuggets of veggie goodness straight into Daisy's waiting chops.

But it's only fair! Daisy does it, then Dad must do it too!!

We loved this whimsical little book, LOVED IT!

From its brilliant end-papers to its rather satisfying and hilarious conclusion. There are so many adorable little details in this (fans of those brilliant old "What a Mess" books will love Markus' fab art style chock full of tiny little moments of pleasure) and the "Daisy Darling" series has other great stories to win you over too.

Check them all out on the Pikku Publishing website. 

Charlotte's best bit: The fantastic machine dad comes up with to 'feed' Daisy!

Daddy's favourite bit: A fab dad-and-daughter book with tons of character and detail! Really want to read the rest of the Daisy Darling series now!

"Daisy Darling, Let's Have Lunch" by Markus Majaluoma is out now, Published by Pikku (and kindly sent to us for review!)