Thursday 24 November 2016

The Kids Money Book by Jamie Kyle McGillian (Sterling Publishing)

Oooh now this is a great idea if your kids fancy themselves as the next Richie Rich!
"The Kids Money Book" is a fantastic pocket-sized guide to managing your pocket money. Earning, saving, spending, investing and donating are covered in Jamie's fabulous and in-depth guide that goes beyond just shoving coins into your piggy bank - encouraging children to start thinking about their finances in a far more grown-up way.

Broken down into subject chapters, you'll explore all aspects of money and start to think about how you can make money work for you.

Most of the advice can be a bit US-centric at times (well it's a US title - so if our lovely US readers want to pick up a copy we'd wholeheartedly recommend it).

It's never too early to get children serious about their finances so here's a book-sized boost to kid economies!

"The Kids' Money Book" by Jamie Kyle McGillian is out now, published by Sterling (kindly sent for review).