Monday, 26 March 2018

"Juniper Jupiter" by Lizzy Stewart (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

Juniper Jupiter is a real life honest to goodness superhero. No really! But it's no big least to her...
Juniper Jupiter is used to the hectic life of being a superhero.

Hanging on the phone for the next big rescue, Juniper can leap tall buildings at a single bound, fly through the sky with the greatest of ease and even perform feats of strength way beyond mum and dad.

But life as a superhero can be a bit...lonely sometimes? What Juniper decides she needs more than anything else is a super sidekick!

Yes, a sidekick, to zoom through the sky with, fight fires with, a constant companion to offer support and great advice.

But there's a problem. When Juniper Jupiter holds a recruitment session (with a really cute poster campaign) it seems a lot of people rather fancy the idea of becoming a super-sidekick.

How on earth can Juniper choose?

Life is never boring when you're super, super Juniper Jupiter!
The skills required are fairly simple, but there's just so many folk to choose from. Perhaps the answer was right under Juniper's nose all along though!

Are you super? Must like ice cream! Hey, we could do this sidekick thing!
This is such a fab little story for so many reasons. We love that Juniper isn't some brash boastful superhero (she's actually very modest about the whole thing). She's a girl, and she's perfectly capable of solving her own problems as well as everyone else's. We absolutely adore her as a character!

Flying's no big deal to Juniper Jupiter. Just another day at the office...!
Above all we love her modesty and then her joy at finally realising the perfect sidekick is none other than her faithful constant companion, her brave pooch!

Juniper's mum is great too, of course!
Such a fantastic little book with huge appeal for boys and girls.

C's favourite super-power: Being able to turn invisible to play tricks on kids at school (and mummy and daddy! Eeek!)

Daddy's favourite super-power: Being able to fix broken toilet cisterns without having to dismantle the entire house!

"Juniper Jupiter" by Lizzy Stewart is out now, published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).