Wednesday 16 November 2016

Superduper special preview - "Dalmatian in a Digger" by Rebecca Elliott (Curious Fox Books)

Wow, we're taking a bit of a look into the future - and a book that you won't be able to buy until next year...
Rebecca Elliott's fabulous illustrations for the "Happy Hooves" series and her own gorgeous books "Zoo Girl" and "Just Because" are absolutely wonderful, so we feel very fortunate to be given the chance to take a look at her new book, coming out in February 2017.

"Dalmatian in a Digger" is a hilarious doggy-filled romp, that's going to set your tiny tiddlers all of a fidget if they A) love dogs (who doesn't!) and B) love huge earth-moving machinery (again, who doesn't!)

It's a brilliant noisy rambunctious read-aloud classic in the making as Dalmatian and his dog pals dig, scrape, tip and scoop in their wonderful diggers, tipper trucks, bulldozers and other fabulous vehicles.

Check it out when it arrives next year, you really won't be disappointed as it's a great opportunity for parents to really get into making all those fabulous noises and sound effects you'll find throughout the story.

"Dalmatian in a Digger" by Rebecca Elliott is out on 9th February 2017, published by Curious Fox Books.