Monday, 19 December 2016

Booky Advent Calendar Day 19 - "Home Alone - The Classic Illustrated Storybook" by John Hughes and Kim Smith (Quirk books)

There are certain movies that just 'have to be done' around this time of year...
By now we've probably watched "Elf" half a dozen times. We always seem to cram in a watch or two of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" but the king of all feelgood family christmas movies is, without doubt, "Home Alone".

Quirk Books published a brilliant illustrated storybook by John Hughes with illustrations from Kim Smith last year, and it was a book of the week.

It's so good we thought it was well worth mentioning again this year as we reach Day 19 in our Booky Advent Calendar.

Young Kevin McAllister is a bit of a scamp - and after a particularly rowdy family argument Kevin is banished upstairs, away from the Christmas festivities.

The family is about to embark on a christmas vacation but by accident Kevin ends up left behind...

Sometimes Christmas Wishes DO come true!!
At first this seems like the best thing ever, but Kevin swiftly realises that being on your own at Christmas is a bit sucky. What's worse though is that a pair of nasty local burglars known as "The Wet Bandits" are eyeing up the McAllister residence as a potential target for thievery!

It's up to Kevin to singlehandedly rout the burglars, protecting the family residence! There's also a lovely heartwarming backstory about him helping out a scary grumpy neighbour with a family reunion too..

But will Kevin's other Christmas wish come true too?

We've seen many children's books try to cash in on the whole 80s nostalgia trip thing but no book manages to pay due homage to, and in fact be a brilliant version of an original 80s movie like "Home Alone". Kim Smith's illustrations are absolutely bang on, and if you managed to miss this book last year, grab yourself a copy this year. My only Christmas booky wish is that they'd bring Kim back to do a picture book based on the (equally hilarious) sequel!

"Home Alone - The Classic Illustrated Story Book" by John Hughes and Kim Smith is out now, Published by Quirk Books, ya filthy animals!