Thursday, January 12, 2017

Fairytale Frankie and the Mermaid Escapade by Greg Gormley and Steven Lenton (Orchard Books)

We're well and truly back into the swing of things and today (Jan 12th) is definitely a red letter day for plenty of artists and authors, as the first big launch push of the year begins in earnest.
We're very pleased to see a sequel to a rather cool little story, featuring a distinctly different hero. Fairytale Frankie and the Tricky Witch was a superb little book and now Frankie is joined by a winsome lass with a fishy tale (or should that be tail?) of her own.

In "Fairytale Frankie and the Mermaid Escapade", Frankie is back - and this time she's enjoying a wonderful holiday by the seashore. A dark shadow is being cast across the coast though, as a rather grumpy sea monster is on the way to spoil everyone's summertime fun. The mermaids are worried, the wizard lifeguard is frantic and even a surfing prince doesn't want to go back into the water...

Oo-er that doesn't sound good!
Frankie and her new-found friends decide that the only way to deal with a big grumpy bully is to rally round, stick together and be extremely brave.

Uh oh! Is it doom for our plucky heroine?
The story's core message is relayed in a tale full of excitement and adventure, and as before Frankie is a heroine that kids can identify with.

The story builds the tension and excitement perfectly!

Fab art from Steven Lenton helps to make this an early shoe-in for a favourite storytime treat.

"Fairytale Frankie and the Mermaid Escapade" by Greg Gormley and Steven Lenton is out today, published by Orchard Books.