Monday, 16 January 2017

"Infographics: Technology" by Simon Rogers and Studio Muti (Big Picture Press)

A glorious exploration of science and technology delivered in a thoroughly cool way...
"Infographics: Technology" is the latest addition to Big Picture Press's fantastic "Infographics" range (there's also a pair of awesome titles based around space and animals for budding astronauts or David Attenboroughs!)

But with this volume we're talking about tech, we're roaming with robots and we're travelling at speed using all of the fantastic forms of transport we have in the modern world.

Non-fiction books are fantastic for engaging reluctant readers, and even more so when the facts therein can be delivered in a really smart and speedy way.

Infographics seem like the obvious answer - provide a set of brilliant illustrations and then draw up some cool charts and diagrams to link technology together.

For example when you're learning about how our planet is monitored from space...

Technology helps us keep an eye on our fragile planet. 

..find out all the ways satellites, tracking stations, weather balloons and sensors around the globe watch out for the warning signs. 

The whole book is full of amazing facts broken down into tabbed sections so you can swiftly find information on the subject you want when you want it. 

Though most folk will claim that books lose out to technology when it comes to serving up brilliant knowledge in cool ways, I'd gladly thrust a copy of this into someone's hands and say "read, learn and prepare to be dazzled!"

Charlotte's favourite bit: Her favourite science subject is space but Robots come a close second (and she was delighted to find out that one of the first science fiction robots ever was a female - the awesome "Maria" in Metropolis). 

Daddy's favourite bit: A really cool book, presenting a ton of facts in really awesome ways. Particularly loved the fact that the book was broken down into easily indexed sections to help find the subject you need. Illustrations are ace, and it doesn't talk down to its intended audience so all the things we look for in a non-fiction book. Brilliant!

(Kindly sent for review by Big Picture Press)