Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Two new paperbacks to warm your winter cockles - "Lucy Ladybird" and "Lionheart"

It's cold, wet and rainy but look forward to the sunnier weather with two bright and dazzling new titles releasing as paperbacks this winter.

First out of the gate is a reprint of Sharon King-Chai's gorgeously colourful "Lucy Ladybird", published by Templar Publishing. 

Lucy is a carefree and happy little insect, but when she loses her spots, it's time for an epic quest through the seasons meeting lots of friendly folk on her travels who all contribute colourful spots of their own for Lucy's collection.

She does look different to other ladybirds, but different is cool - and soon all the other ladybirds want their own fantastic colourful spots too!

A lovely little read, absolutely perfect for younger children and packed with amazing colour and design.

"Lucy Ladybird" is re-released now, with this latest edition published on 12th January by Templar (and kindly sent for review). 

You can find our original review here. 

There's also a timely reprinting of an amazing and dazzling book, this time it's "Lionheart" by Richard Collingridge, published by David Fickling Books...

The story starts with a little boy named Richard who is playing in his room, cuddling his favourite cuddly Lion toy. But something is there and Richard is scared, so he runs ...through streets, fields, forests, over hills and into a magical jungle.

Is there really anything there? And is he brave enough to face his fears? Can be become a true Lionheart?

Find out in this exciting and uplifting adventure that will make you want to ROAR out loud along with the story.

This one was a well deserved "Book of the Week" back in 2016 and it's now released in paperback with an utterly fantastic new cover.

One for animal fans, "Lionheart" by Richard Collingridge is out in paperback on 2nd February 2017, published by David Fickling Books (and kindly sent for review).

You can find our original review here.