Friday 3 March 2017

ReadItDaddy's Book of the Week - Week Ending 3rd March 2017 - "The Night Gardener" by Terry Fan and Eric Fan (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

This week's book of the week was an instant "Wow" the minute we saw the cover...
Before this book even turned up I did some research about Terry and Eric Fan, both are accomplished artists and talented storytellers and this is their debut for Frances Lincoln - and it's a stunner!

"The Night Gardener" is the story of a young orphan named William who wakes up one morning to hear a commotion outside.

When he ventures out, he finds that the tree next to the orphanage has been clipped into the most amazing piece of topiary - a wise old owl, staring sightlessly out at the gathered crowd.

William vows to stay up late and see if the mysterious stranger who did such an amazing thing will return - but sleep overtakes him.

Sure enough, the next morning a new piece of topiary is discovered - and on consecutive nights the small sleepy town is slowly filled with amazing creatures - but no one seems to know who's responsible!

William accidentally runs into the stranger on the way home one night - and a firm friendship is struck as William decides to help The Night Gardener" with his most ambitious project yet - to fill the town's park with amazing animal topiaries that will last all summer long.

This book is thrilling, mysterious and absolutely crammed with magical atmosphere. Terry and Eric, hugely talented fellas, have put together the sort of children's book that is destined to become a well-loved classic as many will find William's story inspirational and touching but thoroughly immersive and enjoyable.

Charlotte's best bit: William and the Night Gardener's meisterwork, a fabulous 'zoo' of amazing animals clipped from the trees in the park.

Daddy's favourite bit: The perfect fusion of inspirational and atmospheric storytelling weaved around a thoroughly magical and original tale. Beautiful, brilliant to read aloud, and the perfect restful book to tuck your little ones in at night with. Gor-geee-OUS!

"The Night Gardener" by Terry and Eric Fan is out now, published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books (kindly sent for review).