Thursday, March 9, 2017

Superbat by Matt Carr (Scholastic Children's Books)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it appears to be a tiny little bat in a rather fetching superhero costume. It must be Superbat!!
We love anything connected to superheroes, even a mild bit of cosplay by a keen amateur and that's how "Superbat" by Matt Carr lays out its adorable little tale.

Pat the Bat isn't content to just hang off the roof of his cave every night. He wants to be a hero like the amazing folk he reads about in his favourite comics.

With a deft bit of sewing on mum's sewing machine, Pat becomes "Superbat"!

He's got amazing hearing, he can use echolocation to navigate his way through the dark - and of course he can also fly on his leathery little wings. What more does a superhero need?

His friends and family all scoff - that is, until Superbat is called into action to help a family of mice who are about to be wolfed down by a nasty kitty!

Superbat to the rescue!

This endearing superhero tale for little ones also comes with a brace of brilliant facts all about bats, that will have curious tiddlers wanting to find out more about this fascinating animal.

A rather brilliant book if we do say so ourselves!

"Superbat" by Matt Carr is out now, published by Scholastic Children's Books. 

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